Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Snow of 2012

Keith Working a Run
Picture Doesn't Do it Justice
      Sorry guys for not posting lately. I have started up college and am student teaching this semester. It has not given me the time to get out really. So, when my buddy Keith asked me on Friday night to fish on Saturday I was excited to get out. However, there was this thing called a snow storm. I mean I did not mind, but I was not sure about him. He insisted, so after a morning of playing with the kiddos it was time to get out for a little afternoon fishing.
       We arrived at the local stream around 2:00 and fished to 4:30 in that time frame we each caught double digits. It was an awesome day. Fishing in the snow is probably one of my favorite times. It is quiet and serene.
       What made it all the better, was the large bow I landed. It was easily over 16 inches and was thick. My year has started off with a bang. Between the wild tiger trout, wild bows, hammering fish on Spring Creek, fishing The Narrows, and now this large bow. I do not think I could have started the year off better.
       Unfortunately, Keith lost two fish larger then the one I landed and they all came out of the same hole. Every fish caught during the afternoon was either landed on a cream caddis imitation I tie or a little black stone fly nymph I began experimenting with.
       Next Saturday The Fly Fishing Show pulls into Sommerset NJ and I will be heading out. Look for a blog post after that. I am looking forward to meeting some friends in the industry, Pa Fly Fish Guys, and fellow Bloggers like Mike Aka Dub the Thorax.
Hmm Did not notice the Schmegma till now, but here you can see the size while Keith holds it.
Keith with the first fish of the day

Big Boy

Just Chillin At The Bottom



  1. Looks like a decent day of winter fishing! And your "about me" made me laugh...

  2. Hi, just found your blog and followed it. JGR

  3. Absolutely beautiful pics. How did you get those underwater ones?

    Definitely consider yourself followed!

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