Monday, November 28, 2011

Magic Tool, WOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Petitjean, Whaaaat!!!
This showed up in my mail today, and I am pretty pumped. If I did not have a schnit load of homework to do, and tests to study for, I would be messing around with this. I love me some CDC. Absolutely floats the best, hands down. Specially if you use it in conjuction with some Tiemco Dry Magic
Magic Man
       If the Magic Tool and Tiemco Dry Magic got together one drunken night  after consuming a couple bottles of red wine( I know the chances are slim). I think John C. Reilly would be the end result. 
 I love me some comedy movies.


  1. I'll take the Magic Tool and the red wine.

  2. Please excuse my ignorance... what does the Magic Tool do exactly?

  3. The Magic Tool helps with using CDC as dubbing and hackle. It does this by using a set of clamps to help you put just the CDC fibers in a dubbing loop, no stem.