Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Time, That's Right, I Said Christmas God Damn It!

      It's that time of the year again. Hoping your special someone actually buys you something fly fishing related, right? Well, usually you just buy your own crap, least that's what I do. My wife bought me the Xmas tree ornament, and that will be the closest thing she buys me fly fishing related. Hope your spouse or significant other does a little better than mine.
      This week has been really hectic. The fall semester at the college is really putting pressure on me, and I have not been able to get out on my local streams. Does not help It poured down rain for 24 hours straight either. So, I do not think I missed much. I wanted to get out today, but I had to do the family thing. Kids, wife and I spent the early afternoon looking for Charlie Browns Christmas tree. Found it, hung my ornament on the tree, and began tying flies.
       I am in a "Holiday" fly swap on Pa Fly Fish. The theme is soft hackles. Believe it or not, I have never tied soft hackles before. It really blows my mind, when I think about it. The reason being because I have not tried fishing soft hackles. I am going to make it a point this coming year though, to really work on my wet fly fishing. I need to, because I know how productive it can be.
       I decided to tie a BWO Biot Soft Hackle Emerger. I think it came out ok for my first time, but the hackle is a little long.

Hook: Size 14 Wet fly
Thread: UTC 8/0 Olive
Body: BWO Dyed Turkey Biot
Thorax: Fly DK (Slovenia) Classic 3/4 River Green mixed with 1/4 Fly Dk (Slovenia) Spectra Peacock Dubbing
Wing: European Winter Partridge


  1. Damn. I forgot I had to tie for this swap. I better get moving. Nice bugs.

  2. Thanks Dub, but get on your soft hackles. I do not want to wait till spring for them! lol

  3. Nice ornament, better looking flies though.


  4. My partridge isn't winter phase, will it still work? I can find a continential winter phase, but is that gauche?


    for the people that do not understand, any partridge will work. lol

  6. also, your ornament appears to be using a side mount reel. how antique!

    i never use biot for bodies. you've convinced me its a good idea. which way goes notch to get rib? rib is essential. most well done.

    also, keep your heads dainty and don't over do the hackle. a turn and a half is plenty.

    notch, direction goes how?