Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tying Kinda Mood

I told you guys in my first blog post that I was a lazy tier and it is true. However, when I get in a groove, I love it. I saw this pattern in the new Fly Tyer Magazine and really wanted to try it out. Especially, since George Daniel did a little blog post on Pa Fly Fish about large nymphs in the winter. Hope you guys enjoy!
Double Bead StoneFly                                              
Hook: Dai Riki 700 streamer 4x long Size 8                                     
Thread: Danville 6/0 black                                                              
Dubbing: Hairline Custom BlendDub Brown Stone            
Rib: Small Brown D rib
Beads: 2 Tungsten Copper Finished Beads
Legs: Brown Goose Biot's
Wingcase: Turkey Tail 

The Golden Stonefly's dubbing is a custom blend of a 1/3 of each.; Fly Dk (Slovokia) Spectra Orange, Yellow, and Beaver pale yellow.  The legs are brown and black barred Silli legs. You  can find the dubbing at Kevin Compton's Performance Flies. Also, I added 8 wraps of square lead from the first bead at the back, towards the tail. I then squeezed it with a pliers to widen and flatten it. This gives the body a flat wide look, once you dub over it. Instead of the small D rib, I used silver wire for the rib.


  1. Really nice fly! Now I'm going to try a few.

  2. Check out the yellow Stone. They are going to be real productive!