Friday, December 30, 2011

Fishing Resolutions New and Old

     First, I would like to wish everybody a happy and safe new year! With the arrival of that little baby in a diaper blowing a kazoo, I would like to look back on my 2011 fishing resolutions and lay out my 2012 ones.
      I was asked last year at this time on a forum what my goals were. At that time I was fly fishing for 6 months. This is what I said:

1. Catch a trout on a dry I tied.
2. Fish 3 of the Central PA majors.
3. Land a 20 incher on the fly rod.
4. Fish 2 hatches that I never have fished, which would be every one except Sulphur, BWO, Trico
5. Make a trip to the Upper D
6. Fish the salt with the fly
7. Enjoy as much fishing with good friends as possible.
      Of those I only did not accomplish one. It was number six and I came close to it three weeks ago. I planned on making the drive to the NJ coast, but a bad storm canceled it. O well, next year. 
      #1 I had no problem accomplishing. 
      #2 I accomplished in a way. Most people think of the three major Central PA streams as; Penns, Spring, and Little J. I fished Spring and that was it. However, I did fish the Letort and Falling Springs. They are in Central PA and they are major streams. They are just not in State college area. I will be clearer for my 2012 resolutions.
      #3 I landed a salmon and a steelhead easily over 20 inches. Again, I was not real clear on my goal.
      #4 I fished Blue Quills and Isonichias. I probably fished more, but did not realize it
      #5 I fished the Upper D three times and caught my largest wild brown up there.
      #6 Obviously not
      #7 I do this on a regular basis
        This year for 2012 I am going to be a little clearer in my goals
     #1 Catch a 20 inch trout on the Upper D, it can be a rainbow or brown
     #2 Catch a Letort brown trout. Very elusive for me.
     #3 Fish a stream not in Pa, Ny, or NJ
     #4 Catch a NY steelhead. I have caught Erie chrome, but not Ny.
     #5 Tie an Intruder pattern
     #6 Fish Penns and Little J
     #7 Land a wild bow over 15 inches. I could accomplish this goal and #1 together.
     #9 Like last year....Enjoy as much time on the water with friends and my children as possible.

I look at my list and see I have nine resolutions for this year. Can one of you guys think of one for me?

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  1. I married into a 3 story, 5 bedroom shore house thats a few house from the bay and a block and a half from the beach in Sea Isle City. Let me know if you wanna chase stripers this spring.