Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Natural Disaster Clean up

       I have been tying for a little over a year. It started off as two little plastic shoe box's and has grown in a spot in my kitchen. Another reason my wife hates me and she refers to this area in the house as "The Fly Shop". I remember having to pull out the containers and my vice that I was given for free. I would lay everything on my dining room table and tie fly's. I was forced to clean up right away and repeat the process the next time I wanted to tie.
      After I outgrew the containers, the wife had this brilliant idea to allow me to have a space in my kitchen to tie. A small dry bar area that was only being utilized as a visible junk drawer. We do not have a large house, and with two children, have pretty much outgrew the space. Mostly the toys have taken control of out habitat (Thanks Mom!).
      Being able to leave my tying stuff out, allows me to be messy. It is not something I take pride in, but it is what it is. I finally decided to do a clean up and reorganization. Which promptly made me want to go to The Evening Hatch Fly Shop (Candy Store) and add to my bountiful collection.
      The wife has begun to grumble and say I need to find a nice desk at a garage sale or something and move all of my materials upstairs in a small bedroom. I told her in the beginning of my tying life that giving me an inch of space would lead me into taking over the house. It is slowly coming to fruition.


  1. Well my friend, you win the award for the person most needing his own place to tie. Unfortunately, this award comes with no prize!

  2. Mannnnn Come on....you must have a sticker or something! LOL