Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rainy Day... Lets Tie CDC Stone Fly Nymphs!

    Here in Easter Pennsylvania the weather is not cooperating. Latley, I have been addicted to CDC and saw a pattern on the Fly Fishermen site for Charlie Craven's CDC Yellow Stone. I was trying to get a picture of the pattern in the water, because the ice blue flashback make the stone glow. I could not, but trust me on it! I hope you like the pattern.

Hook- DaiRiki 12 3xl nymph
Bead- 1/8 gold bead
Lead- 15 wraps of .015
Thread- Yellow Danville 70 denier
Tail- Yellow dyed pheasant tail
Flashback- Ice blue pearl tinsel
Rib- 3x mono
1 Brown grizzle hen saddle feather
1 Brown Cdc feather
Dubbing- Jacks tackle Rainbow Worrior Rainbow Stone (Yellow)

Place bead and 15 wraps of .015 lead on hook. Push up into the bead and cover with thread.
Tie about six pheasant tail fibers, ice blue tinsel, and 3x mono. I use cheap Cabelas brand.

Dub onto your thread a healthy amount of dubbing and taper forward. Do not be afraid to use a nice amount of dubbing, because stone fly nymphs are wide and bulky.
Pull the tinsel forward and tie down. Rib the mono up the fly and tie off..You can bulk up your abdomen with thread as to match.
Tie in one brown Cdc feather by the tip and wrap like a wet fly. Pulling the fibers to the rear of the hook each wrap and tie down.
It will look like this
Before you tie in the hen feather, pull the feather fiber to the base of the stem. Tie in the feather by the tip and wrap as you just did with the Cdc feather. Pulling the hen fibers back like a wet fly collar and tie off.
it will look like this.
Dub a collar and whip finish.



  1. Great tutorial and fly.
    Jacks dubbing blends are the best.

  2. I agree, only time I grab the stuff is at the fly shows. Gonna stock up again.

  3. That is one nice fly. Thanks for the tutorial and I'll have to watch for Jack's dubbing.

  4. Howard, I think you can get Jacks blends on Kevin Comptons site. www.performanceflies.com

  5. Enjoyed the "how to" however knowing my tying skill, my version will not "look like this" :)
    Worth giving a try though.

  6. T! I am sure you can tie fine. Heck, I have only been at it for a little over a year on and off.

  7. Ahh CDC I too was tying some CDC patterns this weekend. I love CDC it maybe one of the best materials on earth for fly tying. I tied an all CDC apple caddis this weekend. I am pumped to try it on the WBDE this spring. I'll send you the receipe and pic if you want.

    Keep up the good work, I like your tying setup, mine too was like a disaster. I find keeping it clean makes me want to tie more flies.

  8. CC send me the pattern for the all CDC apple caddis. You are right about a clean space makes you want to tie flies more!

    JBR Thanks for the compliment!