Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O' Thank Heavens

       O' thank heavens for the end of the college semester. I can take a breath, do some fishing, tie some flies, and enjoy family and friends during the holidays.
       One of my jobs takes me up and down the eastern part of the state. By chance I happened to drive through Hancock, NY. For those of you that do not know, Hancock is between the West and East Branch of the Upper Delaware River. Unfortunately, I was not aware I would be crossing this wonder of a river, so I was not fully prepared.
         I only had about an hour to fish between appointments. I pulled into the Shehawken boat launch and it was somthing I was not used to...............Not a car in the lot. Well except mine.
       I know I only had my hip waders, which limited my wade ability, my 4wt, and small nymphs. Not exactly what I wanted to toss in the monster D. I quickly got dressed and then I saw something. My 9wt Scott and my meat box. Hmmmm............ 9wt is overkill, but what the heck, I want to toss meat. That is exactly what I did. It produced zip. What the hell though, I made a day of 6 hours of driving, into a day on the Delaware.
      I picked up a Olympus Tough 800 off of Ebay, so I could mess around with underwater shots. Here are the first pictures from the camera.
6 inches of pure Muppet Baby

Downstream of Shehawken

Little blurry, but will work on it. The rest of the shots are just me trying to take pretty pictures lol



  1. beautiful photos! I'd say you did well with that camera.

  2. Nice, anytime on the water is a good time!


  3. Anytime you can fish the Big D is a welcomed time!

    However, next time your in Bradford Co. Gimme a call. I'll buy ya lunch.

  4. Thanks guys, and you are right. Anytime on the water is a pleasure and a good time.

    No offense JJ, but I hope I am never in your area LOL Drive sucks,gas trucks suck, and yea the drive sucks :-)

  5. Great looking pics!

  6. Nice Pics SB! I like you articulated fly, tie some in White for the WBDE!

    Catching Chrome

  7. I like the underwater shot of the mudpuppy! did you turn any fish down at shehawk? Funny that I catch few fish from Balls down to shehawk but once I get down to the 191 bridge we usually always catch a few hammers before the ramp. It is very odd. some of the biggest ones I have caught have been from the bridge down. I liked some of you flies as well. One cool thing to do on stones with goose biot legs is to heat up a pr of tweezers and bend the legs. Gives a super cool jointed leg look. Probably doesn't matter but it looks cool!
    Happy Holidays!

  8. No, I did not have anyluck, but I did not spend a whole lotta time there. Had to work that day. I have only been to the Upper D two times before that day and I floated on my single pontoon. Kinda hard to toss streamers in one of those.Thanks for the tips on the stonefly legs!

  9. Yeah,
    I know all the problems fishing out of a pontoon. Pontoons are great as a mode of transportation but generally suck to fish out of. I used one for several years and decided I need to step up to a driftboat. I floated all over MT in one for 10 days and it was great way to see long stretches of water. The problem is it is tough to row and fish. Get a pr of flippers if you don't have a pr. they help out alot too. I like your blog about your trips, I am taking a break for a few weeks, going to catch up on some fly tying. Maybe make it up to the Salmon a few times. That's about it for me. I can't be bothered to chase little trout in the winter, I did that too many times. I wish the upper D was open in the winter, because I would go up all winter. Catching those hogs is worth it anytime of year. Hey happy holidays. I'm off to the burgh.